Vol 12

Vol. 12 No. 1

 January – February – March 2023


Sr. No.Name of AuthorTitle of PaperPage No.View/Download
1Dr. Kiran C. BharatiyaNavigating the Digital Maze: Unravelling the Influence of Social Media on Copyright Laws1 to 5Download
2Dr. Nileshkumar V. ShahThe Use of Forensic Evidence in the Criminal Justice System6 to 10Download
3Dr. Maheshbhai N. PatelRole of Judiciary in Empowering Women in India11 to 16Download
4Harshilkumar Dineshbhai Banawala
Dr. Jitendra Bhanushali
The Impact of the Criminalization of Sex Work on the Justice System17 to 21Download
5Piyushkumar Jagdishbhai Kanudawala
Dr. Hetalben Unadkat
IPRights and Designs in India22 to 29Download
6Viral KanudawalaAccess to Legal Aid in Rural India: Identifying Barriers and Implementing Solutions30 to 37Download
7Jignesh V. Joshi
Dr. K. C. Bharatiya
Death Penalty In India: Retention, Abolition or Rationalization38 to 42Download
8Thakkar Snehal Ben HarjivandasCriminalizing Plastic Waste A Case Study of India's Legal Framework43 to 50Download
9Dr. Kashyapkumar G. ParekhPreserving the Pen: Intellectual Property Law in English Literature - Balancing Creative Expression and Copyright Protection51 to 62Download
10Mr. Bhaumik Shah
Dr. Janki Thakkar
Effect of Prostitute on the Justice System63 to 67Download
11Gunvantbhai Ambalal ValandExploring the Potential of Copyright Laws in A Changing Landscape: Recent Trends and Strategies68 to 79Download
12Harshadkumar Dalichandbhai Barot
Dr. K. M. Upadhay
Human Right: Regionalism and the Law80 to 84Download
13Suthar Alpeshkumar VaghabhaiMultidimensional Issues & Challenges of Women Empowerment85 to 90Download
14Chetnaben P. Thakkar
Dr. Artiben Dive
Right to Women-Various Laws91 to 95Download
15Narsinh Bhai Hathi Bhai DesaiThe Use of DNA Evidence in Criminal Investigations96 to 101Download
16Dixitaben SutharIndian Prospects on Crypto-currency102 to 106Download
17Mitul Suthar
Dr. K. C. Bharatiya
Leveraging The Aadhaar Card: Fostering Good Governance Through A Robust Legal Framework107 to 111Download
18Ravi R. Adhwaryu
Pritish R. Adhwaryu
Anti-Superstition Laws: Issues and Challenges in India112 to 117Download
19Kumar Amit Smut Disease Of Pearl Millet: Biology And Control118 to 127Download
20डॉ. सुरेन्द्र कुमारखगडिया जिला के कृषि पर बढती जनसंख्या का प्रभावः एक भौगोलिक विश्लेषण128 to 135Download
21डॉ. बन्दना श्रिवास्तवभारत में मानवीय संसाधन के रूप में शिक्षित महिलाओं की भुमिका136 to 138Download
22डॉ. कुमार अमितकिशोरावस्था में “व्यक्तित्व के सभी आयामों का विश्लेषण”139 to 141Download
23डॉ. अर्जुन जाधवराज्य आणि उपेक्षित समुदायांमधील आंतरसंबंध : महाराष्ट्रातील भटक्या विमुक्त जमातींचा अभ्यास142 to 155Download