Vol. 13 No. 1

 January – February – March 2024


Sr. No.Name of AuthorTitle of PaperPage No.View/Download
1श्री. अच्युत जोगदंड
डॉ.प्रतिभा शंकर घाग-सोनी
मध्ययुगीन संतांचे मराठीतील वाङमय आणि मध्ययुगीन विज्ञान1 to 12Download
2श्री.रामदास माधवराज भालेराव
डॉ.प्रतिभा शंकर घाग-सोनी
मराठवाडी ग्रामीण कवितेतील बोली भाषांतर आणि जीवनदर्शन13 to 22Download
3Dr. Rani MathewRelationship Between English Proficiency And Academic Achievement Among International Students23 to 33Download
4Dr. Ishfaq Majeed MalikEco-Friendly Agriculture: Reducing Pesticide Usage For Environmental Conservation And Human Well-Being34 to 41Download
5साधना गुप्ता
डॉ. अनिल कुमार श्रीवास्तव
कार्यकारी महिलाएं : लैंगिक भेदभाव एवम् दुर्व्यवहार42 to 54Download
6Sumathi RajkumarMethodologies For Testing Cloud Computing Applications: Exploring Approaches And Practices55 to 64Download
7Nishi Jain
Dr. Aman Gupta
A Review On The Recent Changes In Insolvency And Bankruptcy On Industry65 to 70Download
8Vinda Suhas Gadekar
Dr. Vaishali U Bhakt
Dr. Carlos M. Fernandes
Role of SAN (Storage Area Network) towards Institutional Repositories in Library and Information Science71 to 77Download
9Dr. Mithilesh KumarPower Moves to Amplify Women78 to 80Download
10Dr. Anurag UpadhayayStress And Health: Psychological, Behavioral, and Biological Determinants81 to 85Download
11Dr. Chandan KumarCollaboration of carbaryl with acetylcholinesterase, 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol and Mercury with references to teleost, Clariasbatrachus86 to 88Download
12Dr. Kumar AmitA Pearl Millet: Effect On Climate Change Environment89 to 97Download
13Swati Satish Mane
Dr. Suprita
Dr. Prakash Arun Bansode
Applications Of Extracts Of Commonly Consumed Teas In India98 to 107Download
14Ms. Trupti Shivram Shetty
Dr. Indu Singh
Exploring the Impact of Technological Evolution on Warehousing Operations in the Metropolitan Logistics Landscape of Maharashtra108 to 123Download