Research Paper Format

Title Page:

Title of the research paper

Author(s) names and affiliations

Corresponding author’s contact information

Date of submission


A concise summary of the research paper, usually around 150-250 words

Briefly outlines the research question, methodology, key results, and conclusions

Keywords : 5 important Keywords


Provides background information on the topic

States the research problem or question being addressed

Presents the objectives and significance of the study

Reviews relevant literature and previous studies


Details the research design and approach used to collect and analyze data

Describes the study’s participants or subjects (if applicable)

Outlines the data collection methods and instruments used

Explains the data analysis techniques


Presents the findings of the study in an organized manner

Uses tables, graphs, or figures to illustrate the data (if applicable)

Should focus on facts and avoid interpretation at this stage


Interprets and analyzes the results

Relates the findings to the research question and objectives

Discusses implications and potential limitations of the study

Compares the results with previous research


Summarizes the main findings and their significance

Restates the research question and objectives

Offers suggestions for future research (if applicable)

References (or Bibliography):

Lists all the sources cited in the paper

Follows a specific citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)

Appendices (if applicable):

Includes additional information or materials that are too lengthy or detailed to be included in the main text