Vol. 12 No. 2

 April – May – June 2023


Sr. No.Name of AuthorTitle of PaperPage No.View/Download
1Dr. Shailendra GehlotGirls Dropout From Higher Education In Rural India1 to 14Download
2Kumar AmitClimate Resilience In Pearl Millet And Genomic Resources15 to 26Download
3डॉं. सुरेन्द्र कुमारकृषि विकास एवं पर्यावरणीय अवनयन फुल, फल, सब्जी उत्पादन की सम्भावना एक भौगौलिक अध्ययन खगड़िया जिला के संदर्भ में।27 to 35Download
4डॉ. बन्दना श्रिवास्तवसमाजिक एवं आर्थिक क्षेत्र में महिला सशक्ति करण36 to 39Download
5Pompa Mukherjee
Dr. Abdul Latif
Myths about Organ Donation Among Community Populations from Selected Areas of Chandigarh40 to 56Download
6Raj Laxmi Golchha
Dr. Ravindra Haridas
Global Inspiration, Local Impact: Progressive Art Movement Across States57 to 68Download
7Pilaka Laxmi Bai
Dr. Pradeep V. S.
Effectiveness Of Information Booklet On Knowledge And Practice Of ANM Students Regaring Care Of Patient With Contagious Blood Borne Diseases69 to 82Download
8Pravin Dinkar Telgote
Sanjay Kisanrao Bais
A Validation Study Of The Bile Acid Developed Method Using Post-Column Derivatization In HPLC83 to 101Download
9Dr. Lekha JainNew Education Policy: An Insight102 to 108Download
10Ms. NeerajAssessing Groundwater Depletion In Haryana: An Urgent Call For Sustainable Management109 to 116Download
11Ms. Minal R. SolankiNeed And Demand Of Writing Skills To Develop Job-Oriented Language Skills For The Students Of Commerce In Their Career And At The Workplace In The Present Era117 to 122Download
12डॉ. कुमार अमितकिशोरावस्था के विशिष्टता की खोजू समस्याएँ का निवारण में अभिभावक के महत्व123 to 125Download
13Mr. Prashant Bhat
Dr. Anil Kumar
A Review On Object Recognition Using Deep Learning126 to 136Download
14Bhakti Chaudhari
Dr. Shabnam Sharma
A Review Of Location Privacy Protection Approaches In Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrencies137 to 146Download
15Rupali Makarand Deshmukh
Rajendra Arjun Mhaske
Green Analytical Chemistry (GAC) For Simultaneous HPLC Method Development And Validation Of Piperine And Curcumin In Polyherbal Formulations147 to 160Download
16Sumathi Rajkumar
Dr. Shabnam Sharma
Evaluating The Efficiency And Scalability Of Cloud-Based Testing Environments For Software Quality Assurance161 to 170Download
17Mrs. Varsha Mangesh Kiranpure
Dr. Shabnam Sharma
An Examination Of The Safety Of Cloud Computing171 to 183Download
18Mrs. Rekha Jivanrao Gadegaonkar
Dr. Anil Kumar
A Research On The Legal Provisions Related To Divorce Law In India And Their Impact On The Mental Health Of Children With Special Reference To The Parbhani District In Maharashtra184 to 199Download
19Mr. Satyendra Kumar Verma
Dr. Bapu Narsinga Chougule
An Evaluation Of Modern And Traditional Physical Education For The Empowerment With The Next Generation200 to 210Download
20Nisha Narendra Pillay,
Dr. Neeraj Basotia
Dr. Mahesh Bhiwandikar
Impact Of Work Motivation On Entrepreneurial Effectiveness And Managerial Creativity Among High And Low Women Investor211 to 227Download
21डॉ. अर्जुन जाधववसाहती कालखंडात भारतातील कामगारांचे गुन्हेगारीकरण228 to 239Download